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  • 學術

    物理系Rosario Fazio學術報告的通知(Physics Department Colloquium)

    編輯:江丹 來源:物理學系 時間:2019年09月29日 訪問次數:199  源地址

    題目:Dissipative phase transitions in synthetic matter

    報告人:Prof. Rosario Fazio,  Head of the Condensed Matter & Statistical Physics Section,  International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy





    Thanks to the recent impressing experimental progresses, the investigation of non-equilibrium properties of driven-dissipative systems in quantum systems has received an impressive boost. This activity revived the study of dissipative phase transition in synthetic matter, originally started with Josephson junction arrays. Rydberg atoms in optical lattices, systems of trapped ions, exciton-polariton condensates, cold atoms in cavities, arrays of coupled QED cavities, are at present the most intensively investigated experimental platforms in relation to this aim. The predicted steady-state phase diagram of these driven dissipative systems becomes incredibly rich, displaying a variety of phenomena. I will discuss several aspects that are peculiar of these systems, not shared with the conventional equilibrium picture. I will discuss in particular the possible existence of exotic phases in the steady state with connections to time crystals and quantum synchronization.



    Prof. Rosario Fazio received his PhD in Physics in 1990 from the University of Catania (Italy). He is currently Head of the Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Section at ICTP.  He has co-authored 300+ research articles. Hi research interests include Quantum information in many-body systems, quantum transport in nanostructures, superconductivity, quantum simulators, non-equilibrium many-body systems and quantum heat engines.